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Six Things You Need to Know Before the Canadian Tax Deadline

Tax preparation doesn’t need to be confusing. Make it easier on yourself by knowing the right information and

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Canada Revenue Agency to Fight Tax Evasion with New Fingerprint Database

Now that tax season is upon us, we all want to know what the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

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CRA: ‘The Underground Economy Hurts Everyone’

For the most part, Canadians, whether it be residents or businesses, file and pay their taxes on time.

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5 Tax Tips for Staying Organized

With tax season upon us, you may find yourself with a stack of unsorted paperwork or a pile

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Portrait of a smiling senior couple embracing while sitting at home

How to Manage the Taxes of Someone That Has Passed Away

Dealing with paperwork during tax season can be overwhelming, but recouping after the death of a loved one

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5 Tips for Canadians to Save Tax

Income tax preparation is no fun, with many Canadians shuddering at the thought of it. There is no

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Do Students Have to File a Tax Return?

Taxes are complicated because tax laws are filled with incomprehensible jargon and schools don’t put enough effort to

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4 Income Tax Myths Debunked

Canada’s Income Tax Act is extremely detailed and many important points are easily overlooked. This means that when

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Consider Public Transportation in Your Tax Preparation

When it’s time to make your checklist, gather your tax documents, and then head over to see your

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Facts and Tips for Saving Tax in 2017

Fresh off the holiday season, most Canadians are not thinking about the upcoming tax season. Here are a

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Who Pays the Most Tax in Canada?

Income Tax Rates 2017 The federal and provincial income tax rates for 2017 have been published on the

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Disability Tax Credit: Advice from your Local Tax Preparation Service

Living with a permanent disability or taking care of a disabled loved one is difficult. Not only is

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