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Tax Adjustments

If you forgot to claim certain receipts when submitting your return to the Canada Revenue Agency, then we can help to make all the necessary changes. However, you can only make changes to your T1 General once you have received a Notice of Assessment from the CRA.  Also keep in mind that you cannot file another return for that year.

Adjusting Your T1 General

We can either log on to your My Account to make the changes you require or fill out a T1 Adjustment request and mail in a hard copy to the tax center.

Changes on My Account will process within two weeks, while T1 forms sent by mail are processed within eight weeks. However, it may take longer if your adjustment request is sent in the spring or early summer.

Once the CRA has reviewed your adjustment request, they will contact you with a notice of reassessment with an outline of the changes made to your return.

At Elite Tax, we identify all opportunities to save you money in both the year you file your taxes and within the previous 10 years. We can make adjustments to your tax return in order for you to receive the maximum return. This is why Elite Tax stands ahead of the rest.