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Pre/Post CRA Assessment Correspondence

The Canada Revenue Agency may contact you in regards to an issue or question regarding your tax filing. There’s no need to fret, Elite Tax is here to help. An Elite Tax professional will guide you through the pre-assessment, and if necessary, the post-assessment process if the CRA wishes to move forward with an audit. We will also provide correspondence between you and the CRA to make the process move as seamlessly as possible.

Pre-Assessment Review

After you have filed your tax return, the CRA may select your form for a pre-assessment review. This will involve sending support documentation to be reviewed by the CRA and validate what you have claimed on your T1 General. This includes any tuition or transit passes claimed, as well as receipts of your charitable donations.

An Elite Tax professional can handle the technicalities because we have successfully handled many pre-assessments for our clients and can answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Once the CRA has completed the audit of your T1, you will receive one of two letters. One being that the audit is complete and there is no need for changes or adjustments; the other is a Proposal to Reassess Letter. This means the CRA is in the process of completing their audit of your tax form and will reassess your T1. Once you receive the re-assessment it will indicate the changes made and, if any, additional taxes to me paid or additional refund received.

An Elite Tax professional will assist you in making payment or continuing to fight your claim by filing a Notice of Objection.