Our Prices

Additional tax needs priced on an individual basis. For detailed pricing please call 905-597-0717

Service Price
Basic T1 General (Includes Multiple T4’s)

  • provide us with your tax documents, such as, T4s, RRSP Contribution receipts, etc. and we will ensure you receive the highest return possible
Rental Properties

  • identifying appropriate rental expenses, including property tax, operating expenses, repairs, etc.
Self-Employed/Business Activities

  • completing the T1 tax form as a business and filling out a T2125 or a Statement of Business or Professional Activities form
+$100 – $250.00
Stock Trading Capital Gains/Losses

  • identify and label your capital gains as either short-term or long-term and assist you with getting the best return on them

  • will help identify any expenses incurred as a result of conditional employment or working from home
Pre/Post Assessment Responses; Interest Relief Applications; HST Rebate Applications; T1 Adjustments

  • a professional will guide you through the pre-assessment, and if necessary, the post-assessment process if the CRA wishes to move forward with an audit
  • we will file an interest relief application to help reduce the debt that you owe to CRA
  • we will file an HST rebate application so that you receive a credit for the HST paid on a qualified new construction project
  • forgot to include a credit or deduction on your tax? We can submit a T1 Adjustment on your behalf so you receive every penny that you deserve!